The Malaysia that could be

I first came across this book in MPH, Mid Valley of 12 Aug 2017. The author, a formidable journalist, Kalimullah Hassan compiled his columns in New Straits Time and published this book with the above title.

I read a speech script in the book, who was meant for a convocation of a local university.It is inspiring. Kalimullah shared about his belief of a one-Malaysia, and that it would be workable if everyone of us does not give up, even it is just a tiny ripple of hope. The script is also a reminiscence of his younger days where there were better racial harmony in the region. I feel that every Malaysian should read this article.

Below are the beautiful phrases and vocabulary I noted down.

  1. a tinge of regret
  2. you are raring to go
  3. twilight stage of life
  4. you are o the fringes of a new beginning with all the time ahead of you
  5. winter tears of our life
  6. accentuate- to give emphasis, 
  7. shackled only by the limits
  8. envisage- contemplate,  visualize
  9. a land of honey and sunshine
  10.  hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik daripada hujan emas di negeri orang Malay
  11. comanderie
  12. glorious sunshine
  13. salvage-the act of saving- noun
  14. crusader
  15. as they fade into the twilight of their sunset years

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