My Truly Uncle

It was a Friday morning, I could not believe the whatapp message my sister posted in our family group chat was true. Our second uncle had just passed away. How could it be? I last saw him during Chinese New Year, he was well. There were no news about him being sick or whatsoever.

After a few calls with my aunt and mother, too bad the message was true. Uncle had left us at 6am on 24th July 2015. All of us were grief stricken with his sudden passing. He was our truly uncle since young.

Growing up in the 80s, our only family outings with my parents were family dinners on Sunday nights. While other kids in school might have outstation family trip during holiday, we were enjoying at our own ways with various childhood games in the neighborhood.

Nonetheless, our late uncle did give us more joy. His light blue lorry was very much our Alphard SUV. We just climbed up to his loading bay and enjoyed our windy trip to the public swimming pool. Our zoo trip with uncle was a reminiscence of the fun and enjoyment. It was the only zoo trip with my siblings and of course, my beloved cousins. Uncle brought along his camera. Those photos captured were among the few we have of our childhood memory.

Uncle was a supportive brother to his siblings as well.Year after year, he never failed to help in my parents’ provision shop during our peak season before CNY.

He was also a faithful husband, a devoted father, a filial son.

May our great uncle rest in peace.


Di Gu(二舅),一路好走。




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